A personal mechanic for your Jaguar?

If you own an early classic-Jaguar you have a special machine that has specific and specialized maintenance needs. But did you hire your own mechanic? I.T. infrastructures too are complex and require special skills … and you’ve hired your own mechanic; or worse: several.

There is a point at which it makes sense to invest in a committed IT staff. In a large percentage of businesses though, the investment and commitment of running IT comes at a cost greater than the value returned. And: it takes your focus away from your core business. If you spend even 2 hours hour per week managing to the operation of the IT infrastructure, you’ve lost a day each month.

Would a full day each month, spent on improving your core business, help?

There are several alternatives to running an internal IT Department; Individual Contractors, Offshore Outsource, Managed Services teams. But which? There is no single best answer. But there is help.

ProxyIT is a “Defined-Delivery, Managed Service Provider”. We sort through the actual technical needs of the business and define a service-delivery agreement that the meets your exact requirements.

We can help with the decision, and if engaged we will return more value than just the staff support; our staff will guide daily ops, and deliver projects on time. You set the business goal, the direction, and your priorities – we’ll give you an IT Operations solution that gives back that day per month.