Is an embedded IT Organization the best use of resources?



I get it.   The natural tendency is for business leaders to want to have their IT support “up close and personal”.   I’ve been there, and had the same reaction.   The reality though, is that unless you ALSO have qualified IT Management, you’ll be the one dealing with a technical team that is driven by goals and objectives set by the other business units of your company … and not always pulling together in the same direction.

That IT team, or person,  will be subject to on-the-fly requests,  variable priorities, and will in all likelihood not have the skills to manage everyone’s expectations.  So:  You manage your OWN responsibilities AND with setting and negotiating priorities, managing technology migration, dealing with time and resource issues … well …  you’ll be the daily arbiter of IT Operations activity..   If you are the CFO, you’ll find that it is a world apart from both your experience and WILL distract from your daily duties.   If you are the VP of Engineering,  you will be dealing with the niggling details of the Sales department’s slide presentation software,  rather than managing the development of new product.

Every company can have an IT Team, WITH Management oversight.    ProxyIT operates as an extension of your business.    An understanding of the COMPANY goals allows us to deal with management of issues and priorities.   A deep understanding of the tools and practices of IT Operations lets us move the right resource to the task at hand, and to deal with the fallout of conflicting priorities.  We will give you the information to help youset the technical direction and forecast the cost of technology for the future.

I’ll bring the team to you.  We will deliver IT Ops to your business.

John Bosch

CEO, ProxyIT Inc.