The 130% Systems Administrator

Often a business will have a talented individual managing all of the company IT-technical needs, large and small. The business sees it as having IT Ops “all managed.” In real life we see this as the 130% Systems Administrator.

We typically find that the 130% Systems Administrator:

Has too many things to do – and is too busy to do them all. And worse, as is often the case, the willing victim tries to serve every department’s every request, and fails everybody. We’ve actually had companies call us in to “do something about this under performer”.

Is half-good at a dozen things – where the Administrator has good core skills, but as the company infrastructure has grown, becomes ineffective as Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, and a Data Base Admin, and Web Developer, all at once.

Can’t achieve career improvement – The challenge is how do you keep them abreast of technology. It is problem especially common in a businesses that are not technology based. I’m certain that some of the 130%’ers have been given the latitude of learning new technologies on the job. But the attrition of IT Engineers is high, and not surprisingly, MUCH higher from small IT shops.

Even large companies with professionally managed, well-staffed, and adequately funded IT Departments suffer systems outages, security breaches, and loss of data. What is the 130% engineer going to do to keep up? Two Engineers isn’t the best answer either. (See the ProxyIT Blog that follows: The 65% Systems Administrator).

Taking care of your Systems Administrator isn’t altruistic. It will affect the health of the business.

ProxyIT can help:

Staff Augmentation: We’ll free up your Engineer to focus on critical tasks.
We will Deliver on IT projects, or manage Ops so that your Engineer CAN focus on them
Provide Engineers for narrowly defined tasks and duties – yes: you CAN hire half of an Engineer!
Provide vacation and sick day coverage for your Engineer, or IT Staff.
We will bring our IT Management to help your company – yes: you CAN hire half of a CIO!

If you have a 130% System Administrator call us. We’ll help you and your System Administrator.

John Bosch

ProxyIT Inc.