Your Engineering team is the future of your company. Our services are directed to the special needs of Engineering organizations, ProxyIT manages the tools they need protecting them from the headache of maintaining the systems.

Release Management and Control
The ProxyIT Operations team works with your Engineering team to manage releases between Development, Test, QA, and Production. Roll outs are handled, and performance reported; as are rollbacks and reassertion of standard operation.

Source Control Methodology and Services
Our team manages source control repositories with (but not limited to): SVN, Trac, and Subversion. Data Backups are managed to reduce the possibility of an introduced corruption of the data base.

Cloud and Physical Computing Capacity
Support of Engineering teams can include the creation and maintenance of custom infrastructures for testing, and experiments in performance and scaling. The integration of infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud services allows flexibility

VPN and Network Controls
Distributed and offshore development teams are supported with a combination of network resources and controls. Ensuring access to the development base, and with the controls to safeguard it, the productivity of your development team is ensured.