Managed Services are the components of a fully realized IT Operations service. For companies with an IT organization that needs them, these components can enhance the capacity and capability of their staff. For smaller organizations that need to rapidly add services or functions these "off-the-shelf" services help them to bootstrap their IT effort. These components are practice-driven services managed by our Operations team. Adding them to an existing organization improves the overall performance without adding management overhead. ProxyIT uses them as components in custom IT Operations implementations. (See Infrastructure Operations)

Infrastructure As A Service
Whether Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, or Cloud Computing, ProxyIT will size your requirements, acquire, configure, implement and test the systems comprising your infrastructure.

Managed Backups
The management of the Data Backup process helps to ensure that your critical business data and documents are secure and recoverable in the event of accidental deletion, or disk failure.

Managed Storage
Our mass storage device can be configured to provide temporary or long term storage. These RAID protected devices are monitored for security and performance, and allow capacity on demand.

Managed Firewall
Cisco Systems firewalls are the our front-line defense for your infrastructure. We monitor traffic and manage the state of security features on an ongoing basis.

Managed Networks
Your networks are your connection to the Internet and to your customers. Managing them for both security and performance is key to production stability.

Software As A Service
The evolution of applications and operating systems gives companies many options; ProxyIT will help you to select those most suitable to your business, and make them available to you as part of your support plan.